by Mountiæn Blęs

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Recorded while travelling in India, Nepal, and Thailand. The result of being Taken by the experience of Life, embracing the force of Death, and letting go into the authentic Joy of the moment... Fierce embodiment of willingness to be taken by all that comes my way: Beauty, Pain, Grief, and the Mind-Blowing Mystery of the Way


released June 20, 2013

Brandon Bodhi Denton- All instruments, vocals, and samples
Special thanks to Krpa Devii for her additional vocals on "By Moonlight" and to the monks and nuns at the Tibetan monastery in Shyang, Nepal for the samples in "Down Dhaulagiri"



all rights reserved


Oaken Voices Austin, Texas

Oaken Voices is the solo recording project of Brandon Bodhi Denton. Most songs were conceived organically through the recording process: an alchemy of Wood, Ether, Heart, and Presence.

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Track Name: Taken
sometimes I feel undone in your present touch
taste the Sun when all your high words dissolve
sometimes I can't release or move the waters touch
in the River of God, watch me drown

[can we ever stop trying now (3x), just be real?]
In the Sun I saw your only smile
wake the dead like those floating downstream

Can we ever stop trying now? (3x)
just unfold
Track Name: Down Dhaulagiri
when I come down from the Mountain
I'm gonna take the Sword in hand
tasting none but the fountain
in reverence to this old land
Blue, blue is the
my friends all stand with hands adjoined
open as the sky
the Mountain keeps her bones aligned

When I wake up in my own skin
I thank the skin for holding me
the best is all we are given
the body of the Yak will bleed
Blue, blue is the Way
of placing all the stones in line
care-free as the sky
the Mountain leaves her blood behind

Come and walk with me now
and in the resonant Sound I will see you alone
then the loneliest cloud
never gives the Mountain a home
always through the breeze
I will hear you

When I come down from the Mountain
I'm gonna lay that burden down
every love which is given
comes with three more lost, One found
Blue, blue is the day
the way your ice broke gently
painted as the sky
the Way is given thoroughly
Track Name: By Moonlight
let go to the waves you find
taking you over now
buried in this ocean you'll find
the sweetest thing
and I can see your warrior bright

keep on swimming, swimming, swimming

in the field now we're always
woven as they will find
chosen by your own winding way
you sweet Grace
and I can see you burning bright and strong
Track Name: Into an Unravelling Weave
I wanna see your eyes closed
wait for the fall, come around
I wanna taste the air now
won't you come over me

I wanna live the Truth now
let's keep it free
I wanna keep my eyes closed
speak to the trees